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Sigma Laser GmbH offers services around the laser material processing to:

- Automated laser welding by robot - suitable for small batch production

- Manual laser welding - effective solution for the repair of molds and tools.

- Practical and theoretical training for laser welding

- Consultancy and support in all matters relating to industrial laser technology

Your requests for laser material processing will be gratefully received.

Laser welding is used in applications where metal components have to be joined together with or without additional material addition. Often the laser welding method is the only solution because of the possible applications for such issues. Whether in the electrical industry, automotive industry, medical technology and in the aerospace industry, the laser is clean, accurate and works quickly.

Our machines are lamps pulsed systems in which two xenon lamps irradiate a YAG crystal on both sides, thus increasing the life of the radiation components exponentially. Through this old, but tried and tested system, you have no limits to the use of mobile or stationary system. Most of our customers use our equipment in tooling or for repair welding.

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