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Laser Welding Manually

Laser deposit welding enables material to be deposited on metallic surfaces, using an additional rod. The aim of this process is to repair worn surfaces or build up a new contour. Deposit welding eliminates wear marks or modifies the shape of the surface.

SIGMA Laser GmbH was founded in 2005 to design and manufacture of modular laser machines.
The focus of our services is:

- The production of laser welding systems for tool and mold

- The repair welding

- Medical


Our core competence is the creation and implementation of customized solutions, through to tailor our modular concepts used in a wide range of tasks flared. In our premises in Oberursel, near Frankfurt am Main, our employees finished German high-tech products for the international market. Our long experience in the production of laser welding systems allows us to provide our customers with a high level of technology and know-how to operate in the field of laser technology. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of laser technology and repair of molds and tools.

With the principle of "Top Quality for Customer Satisfaction", we have set ourselves the goal of positioning our specially designed for laser welding systems on the market.
The Sigma Laser GmbH stands for highest quality and expertise in the field of laser technology. Our innovations deliver solutions for industry.
Laser welding repair of molds and tools in comparison to conventional welding methods the following advantages:

- no distortion

- no undercuts

- no cracks caused by welding

- preheating is not needed

- High precision with a retention of the metallurgical characteristics.

- Minimal heat-affected zones which result in less finishing work and grinding.

- repairing of polished surfaces

- Hardness up to 58 HRC

- Chrome-nickel alloys, as well as coated or nitriding surfaces

All in all, laser technology has a number of advantages compared with the other welding methods. In contrast to other energy-input principles (e.g. plasma or gas torch), lasers have a highly consistent output. This makes it easier to obtain homogeneous welding results repeatedly. Since laser energy can be very accurately focussed, work on only a section of a mould or tool is simplified and the thermal load on the complete element is kept to a minimum.

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