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Stationary Laser Welding System (SL)- Fiber Laser

The compact, reliable "SL" stationary laser system is designed for repairing of tools weighing up to 250 kg. The open construction is a design feature that ensures high ergonomic efficiency for the user during continuous operation, and ease of handling.

Our modular construction principle permits the unit to be converted to closed system. In this way, the SL can be operated as a class 1 or 4 laser, depending on production requirements.

The operation of the working table is manually or motorized. Both manually and the motorized working table provide high precision during the process of welding. The pivoting arm maximizes the accessibility. Two motorized z-axes are integrated as standard in order to provide the required ergonomically operation. Besides that, „SL“ can be upgraded to a Mobile Welder at any time.
Due to the innovative power level technology our laser power can be upgraded from 60 to 500 Watts at any time.

The basic version of the unit is equipped with:

- Leica microscope, 12x magnification / 100 mm working distance

- Gas feed via solenoid valve, pedal-operated

- Joystick control with 2-metre cable

- Detachable display with magnetic retainers

- Laser resonator with ball joint, can be swivelled

- Teach-in function

- Motor-operated z-axis for the resonator

- swivable laser resonator

- Optional upgrade to a motorized working table

- Optional upgrade with CNC-controller

The key feature of our high-performance laser-welding systems is their modular design so that every device can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. The modular concept enables the systems to be used in a flexible manner for a broad range of applications. It also simplifies maintenance. We additionally offer you special solutions for enhanced accessibility, automation and increase of power.


- Motor-operated focussing

- Pulse shaping for welding special alloys

- Parameter memory

- „Twin Lamp Cavity„(TLC) and therefore long laser-rod life with a laser beam of excellent stability and quality

- Fault memory permits fault analysis by remote diagnostic

- High peak pulse power

- Possible expansion to Laser class 1

- Upgrade to the "Mobile Welder„ possible to any time

- Upgradeable: up to 500 Watts

Technical Data* P 60 P 120 P 160 P 220 P 330 P 420 P 500
Nd:YAG-Laser Wavelength 1064 mm
Power level
L1 L1 L1/L2 L2 L2/L3 L3 L3
max. mean power 60 W 120 W 160 W 220 W 330 W 420 W 500 W
max. pulse energy 60 J 80 J 120 J 120 J 120 J 120 J 120 J
pulse peak power 6 kW 9 kW 13 kW 13 kW 13 kW 13 kW 13 kW
pulse duration 0,5-20 ms 0,5-20 ms 0,5-50 ms 0,5-50 ms 0,5-50 ms 0,5-50 ms 0,5-50 ms
repetition rate 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-40 Hz 0,5-40 Hz 0,5-40 Hz
focus diameter 0,2-2,0 mm
beam expander motorized
pulse shaping no yes yes yes yes yes yes
flashlamp 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
Memory function 50 storage places (upgradeable to 100)
Controlling optics Leica Binocular with large oculars
Power supply 380 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
Cooling system ------water/ air - integrated -------- ---------water / air - external ----------

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