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Q-Max provides an intelligent solution to process on parts regardless of the geometry. All 3-axes are integrated into the welding head. The laser beam is delivered to the welding head by fiber optic cable.


The pivoting welding head allows easy positioning and flexible operation. Q-Max ist equipped with a detachable welding head and has the ability to weld inside the injection moulding machine.

- 3 moving axes are integrated into the welding head: 150x100x100mm (x-y-z)

- 2 separate z-axes for ergonomic positioning of the working table and the welding head

- all moving axes are controllable via the multi functional joystick

- for tools up to 500 kg

- 180° Sviwel arm with 820 mm working radius

- Industrial fiber cable with sheating and plug

- Twin lamp cavity for higher beam quality and longer lasting

- Advanced remote diagnostics system

- Motorized beam expander

- High pulse peak power

- Memory function for welding parameters

- Laser power upgradeable up to 220 Watts at any time

- External cooling system

- Laser class 4

Technical Data* P 120 P 160 P 220
Nd:YAG-Laser Wavelenght 1064 mm
Power level L1 L1/L2 L2
max. mean power 120 W 160 W 220 W
max. pulse energy 80 J 80 J 80 J
pulse peak power 9 kW 9 kW 9 kW
pulse duration 0,5-20 ms 0,5-50 ms 0,5-50 ms
repetition rate 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-20 Hz 0,5-20 Hz
focus diameter 0,2-2,0 mm
beam expander motorized
pulse shaping yes yes yes
flashlamp 2 2 2
Memory function 50 storage places (upgradeable to 100)
Controlling optics Leica Bonicular with large oculars
Power supply 380 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
Cooling system water / air - external

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