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The Sigomatic CNC-Software provides an easy automation to your welding task and optimises your production processes. The software was especially developed for complex laser welding applications and offers a wide range of functions such as part- and full-automation for serial production but also provides features for repair services in 3D.

The intuitive and fully graphical interface provides a simplification of operation so even unexperienced users can program and create CNC-controlled welding-seams in a short period of time. For this purpose the software provides the basic geometries (line, circle, polyline, policircle, spline) which can be used to compile your own individual welding -seam.

The included Teach-in-Function is used to transfer and permuting the requested welding parth, based on the real components geometry directly into the CNC program.


- Nearly unlimited number of data points (depends on computer performances)

- Programs can be memorized

- Visualisation of the programmed welding path

- Teach-in-Function for all axes (X-Y-Z and Rotating Device)

- Command output in G-Code

- Performing Marking Applications

- Intuitive and fully graphical interface

- Possibly of recalling welding parameters for individual sections of the programmed track

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